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Friday, March 07, 2008

XBIZ Piracy Seminar Now Available for Viewing Online

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LOS ANGELES — The ground-breaking and somewhat contentious piracy seminar and meeting that took place in early February at the XBIZ Hollywood Conference ’08 is now available for viewing on the XBIZ Hollywood website, in the Archives section.

Piracy seminar panelists included Andrew Stoddard of Hush Hush Entertainment, Jason Tucker of Falcon Foto, attorney Rob Apgood of, Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition, Fiona Patten of Australian adult trade group the Eros Association, and attorney Greg Piccionelli of the law firm Picionelli and Sarno. XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes moderated.

Edited and sectioned into seven parts, the online video encompasses the entire hour and a half long seminar, which took place before a rapt and often vocal audience in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

According to XBIZ World Managing Editor Quentin Boyer, who covered the panel for XBIZ, ‘... it was a seminar that will likely continue to inspire debate for some time to come.”

After the panelists opening introductions, the seminar focused on the global state of piracy, with input from the attorneys on the panel as well as the businesspeople and also the trade association representatives, all of whom brought unique insight to bear.

Following the opening segment and a general Q&A, the seminar focused on the creation of a new for-profit company called PAK Group, Inc., founded by Tucker and Stoddard, among others. The company will enforce copyright laws and pursue copyright infringers on behalf of copyright holders who utilize the services of the company.

The seminar was also notable for containing a heated exchange between Sean Christian of and a few of the panelists, most pointedly Stoddard. The entire exchange is available for viewing on the video.

“I think this was an important seminar,” XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes said. “Not only for the valuable information that was imparted, not only for the details about the PAK Group, but also because it was emotionally satisfying for many in the audience. I was told repeatedly by people that thoughts they had been having were finally verbalized in public, and that’s a good thing. Yes, it was good theater, but it also provided something important on a gut level.”

Check back to the XBIZ Hollywood Conference site for more seminar videos, which will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

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